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All the information you need to take care of your home!

Uplined is the "website for the house" that your builder or agent gives you when you buy your new home!

Maintenance Schedule

Are you tired of getting spam emails about things to do for your home that do not apply to you?  With Uplined you get reminders specifically for your house!

Find out what people are saying about Uplined!

Shared Documents

Service Team

No more three-ring binders and folders of information in your kitchen drawer.  Now you have one place to securely keep all the information about your house.

Use Uplined to record the name and contact information for all the service providers that you use to take care of your home.  Readily available in case of emergency.

“I use Uplined for every home I build.  It saves us time and money, and my clients now have immediate access to all the information about their home whenever they need it." 

"All of my clients now have Uplined for their home.  It's a great way for my homeowners to manage all the information about their home while keeping me connected to my clients."

Andrea L.

Agent, Home Buyers

Mark F.

Owner, Home Builder

Ask your Builder or Agent to get Uplined for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Transforming your Homebuyers into Homeowners

Everything About Your Home

Uplined is a service provided to you by your Builder or Agent.  

If you would like Uplined for your home, please ask your builder or agent to get you started by sending them a link to this page.  

Or get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

Everything About Your Home


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